The Memorial Book

One of the things that’s weighing very heavily on Julia’s heart is that, their daughter Audrey, will not have the opportunity to know the kind of man her dad was.  Julia wants Audrey to know what a great man Dan was, how many people loved him and his work, and how much her father deeply loved her.  Audrey is too young to understand these things now.  But Julia whole-heartedly wants Audrey to get to know Dan, when she gets old enough to fully grasp these things about her father. 

We will be putting together a memorial book of Dan.  We want the content of this book celebrate Dan and his life.  It will enable Julia to keep memories of Dan alive in her heart and for Audrey to get to know her father through our eyes.  This would mean a lot to Julia and she believes that it would have been something that Dan would’ve wanted for Audrey as well.

We want you to write something about Dan, his work, memories of him, and other things that Audrey should know about the father that she didn’t have a chance to get to know.  There’s no limit in the length of your submission.  After everyone has participated, a professional bound book will be made for Julia and Audrey.

To participate in this project please provide a word document and send it to Jung Kim, via email at:  Please write “Dan Cho Memorial Book” in the subject line.  To be included in the book, you MUST send as an email, not as a comment post on this website. 

Thank you.



33 Responses

  1. Dear all.
    I did not know Den as a friend or colleague, I only herd him when he played with Regina.
    All I can say that when he played I felt the rhythm of my soul. He has a gift, has because his music will last forever and to have also left such a wonderfull family aswell, he left an imprint on the world in his short life that anyone can be proud of, indifferent of how many years it took to achive it.
    My sympathesis.

  2. I met and saw Dan in Perth 2010, on the 21st of April. My friends and I eagerly waited to see the guys who opened the Regina Spektor show, from Jupiter One. Dan was so, so talented and I remember thinking how amazing it was that this fantastic NYC band were in our little Perth theatre wih Regina. The music was moving, and when we met Dan afterwards and got a photo and autograph from him, he couldn’t have been more humble. He was so sweet and seemed so genuinely happy and excited to be in Australia. I wish Julia and Audrey my deepest sympathy and condolences and I hope someday that Audrey realises what an amazing man her father was.

  3. This past summer, I had the pleasure of seeing Regina Spektor in concert at the Barnes and Noble in times square. Although I initially came for Regina, one of the highlights of her performance was not Regina herself, but the cellist behind her. He possessed an energy and musical talent that was nearly breathtaking, and had an incredible presence on that stage. I didn’t even know him, but Daniel Cho still made an impression on me, through his immense musicality and his bright spirit. He will be missed.

  4. I was an avid fan of Regina Spektor and was very impressed with the abilities of Dan and also K Ishibashi playing behind her. Dan’s music complemented and enhanced Regina’s voice and made watching their performances very satisfying. I saw them a few times in 2009 in San Diego and at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. They were fantastic.

    Rest in peace, Dan. The music world has lost another great contributer. My heart goes out to Julia and Audrey.

  5. My name is Tony. Even though I’m a rabid Regina Spektor fan I’m much more of a rabid Fellow Human Being fan. We all hate death and love life just the same. All of us are just trying to be happy and get the most out of life we can, and have it last for as long as it can. When it’s cut short, or shorter than it had to be, It’s crappy. I’ve had death of close ones in my family and the hurt never completely goes away. In fact, I don’t want it to go away completely. But, however sharp the pain is at first, it does calm a little in time. Julia and Audrey, what beautiful names. While you are going through what is probably unspeakable sadness, please be careful to not get overwhelmed. Maybe it’s too early to say this, but life can still be fulfilling in any circumstance. I share your experience. That’s why I feel I can say such a thing. Though I don’t know you personally, I would like to express my sorrow and love for you. I don’t have to know you to know what the feelings you’re having right now are. I wish I could take it away. Hopefully this life isn’t all there is. I have hopes like that. In other words, I think there’s more Dan Cho to come. 🙂 However it happens, I feel pretty good knowing that we’ll all here him blasting out that cello again. All my love!! Tony

  6. I saw Dan play at the Opera House in Sydney earlier this year. He was an immensly talented musician with an obvious love of life. He came on the stage on his own at first and the whole audience warmed to him straight away because he was so friendly and made it clear he loved Australia and his work. I am so sorry to hear of your loss and hope these words on here are of some comfort to you.

  7. Dear Julia and Audrey…

    Dan was a wonderful sweet guy… audrey you have his sparkle in your eyes… His talent was so big ! I met dan through church and I can vividly remember saying to my husband allen . ” Julia and Dan are such a perfect couple… then Julia and Dan married… we did lose touch over the years… but the opportunity to meet such a great, gentle sweet smiling guy was a blessing ! I do remember seeing dan and julia on third avenue about a 1 yr ago and you audrey were with them and the pride and joy on his face was a picture that needed no words…. May you always know that God knows what is next … and his has you in his hand.

    much love

  8. I was granted the amazing experiencing of hearing and seeing Dan Cho play his cello live just once. But on that single evening he was able to take me on an amazing ride, I felt happiness and sadness, love and loss, hope and strength. All this, from the simple combination of his talent, his hands and his instrument. The opportunity to feel such emotion from a man and his cello tells me that Dan was not only talented musically but talented as a human being. It takes a certain person to reach others the way he did, and I have faith that he will continue to reach others through his music and sadly the loss which is now experienced. On just one single evening Dan Cho reached out to my ears and my mind and it made such an impact, as only one member of the audience that night I hope that I am one of many who feels this way. My condolences to all who are saddened by his loss. Keep in your minds that Dan was able to touch so many through his life and his music, and while his loss is devastating trust in the knowledge that in his life Dan made an impact in many ways, and to many people.

  9. I worked with Dan a few years ago. He was one of the nicest people I have ever met. I know he is in a better place now and passed away while he was living his dream. He will be missed by many.

  10. Dear Audrey and Julia,

    I have had the extraordinary pleasure of getting to know you and your family as I see you almost every week at my library storytime and sing-along programs.

    You first started coming to the Public Library when you were tiny-tiny. I became friendly with your parents over the course of the roughly 2 years that you have been coming to both the Lapsit and storytime programs, and you are consistently one of the brightest lights in the room.
    This past week, however, you came to Storytime with your grandma and grandpa and it was only after the program concluded that I discovered the reason why.

    Your mommy always brings you to the library, but your daddy would come when he was able. He took great pleasure in singing the songs with you and listening to me read, as you tentatively explored the storytime room and interacted with those children closest to you.

    I want you and your mommy to know that I had the privilege of speaking with your daddy just a couple of weeks ago, as he was selecting some CDs from the music section.
    I asked him how you were both doing. Your daddy got a shine in his eyes, a smile lit his face, and his small pony-tail bobbed up and down enthusiastically when he told me he told me how well you were! In turn, he asked me how my daughter, Emma, and wife Danielle were doing. I was actually quite touched that he was thoughtful enough to remember Emma and Danielle… it’s been some time since they’ve been able to come to Mother Goose Group. And yet, Audrey, that simple question and brief conversation attest to the kind of man your daddy was; Very aware of the things that were most important to those around him… and extremely sensitive to them. Your daddy was nothing if not sincere and thoughtful.
    We spoke for another 5 or so minutes about our “girls” and concurred that, truly, we were blessed.Your daddy was thoroughly enjoying the music section so I told him how much I enjoyed speaking with him, looked forward to seeing him at Mother Goose Group again, and then we parted ways.

    But I think, Audrey, that the content of our conversation cannot be overlooked. Your daddy and I could have spoken on any topic; Sports, politics, weather, the curse that is reality television or the BP Oil Spill. And yet… we spoke about something far more meaningful, we discussed our families. At the end of the day, nothing brings me more happiness and pride than my daughter and wife… and it was quite apparent that your daddy felt the same way about you and your mommy-you were the center of his Universe.
    I had the joy and pleasure of seeing your daddy join you and your mommy at the library on several occasions, affording him a special opportunity to play and interact with you. Accordingly, I saw a man take great pleasure and satisfaction in being both daddy and husband.

    This is what I can share with you and your mommy, Audrey. I sincerely hope that, one day, my memories will bring you some happiness.

    Most fondly,


  11. I haven’t seen Dan in about 15 years but I remember him as a funny fella, very musically talented and simply a sensitive, kind soul. He’ll be missed.

  12. My name is Pieter and I live in the Netherlands. Last year, july the 14th, me and my friends went to Paradiso, Amsterdam to see the wonderful Regina Spektor. Because we are great fans, me and my friend have been waiting outside Paradiso for hours. We hoped to see Regina, but we didn’t. Who we did see, was Dan Cho. He came up to us and asked us how we were doing and for how long we have been waiting there. After a little chat he said he wanted to see some shops in Amsterdam. I told him where he should go, and then he left. During the concert I was amazed by his talent. After the concert, I saw him walking, and he gave me a little smile of recognition. This memory I wanted to share with you, because I was so honored that he came up to us for a little chat. My heart goes out to his wife and his daughter. They should be very, very proud of him. Pieter.

  13. Hi to the Cho family, First I’d like to extend my deepest and sincerest condolences on such a loss as Dan was indeed a great humble respectable man. I didn’t know Dan all too well but we were coworkers, and from what I knew he was a delight, very helpful as well as thoughtful and very well respected. I am glad and proud to have known such a human being as he was. May his memory not only live with us but with his closest family and friends forever.

  14. Though I never met Dan , I knew that he made my cousin so happy. It felt like I knew Dan, following him on his journey through fatherhood and living vicariously through him in his glorious adventures….from what I have heard of him, He sounded so intelligent, funny, witty and so talented and supported my cousin through her walk of faith and they were so in love with each other, Reading all his posts and his friends memories of him inspire me, and make me more present to what my own potential is. Dan, although I never really knew you, Thank you for making my cousin experience love and let that love be the legacy that continues on forever in this world. I am grateful for you,

  15. I worked with Dan for the last few years at MediaVest. He was one of the nicest and sweetest people I have ever met. He was so thrilled by the birth of his daughter and always had updated pictures on his phone. He was so proud of her and would light up anytime he spoke of Audrey. He will be deeply missed in the halls of the office.

  16. I met Dan in May of 2003 when I moved into an apartment in Harlem where Dan was also living. At that point we had never met, but upon our first interaction, I was immediately drawn to him as a person. His kindness shined through in his voice and in his action. Both my mom and brother had chances to spend time with Dan and have recently confirmed these things.

    Dan and I became close friends and quickly. Enjoying all things music, sports and (of course) video games. Dan’s talent and wisdom were so overtly noticeable and rather enjoyable as well. To hear him play cello and piano in the living room while Julia would sing was undeniably beautiful. A talented pair, to be certain.

    After leaving NYC, Dan and I kept in close touch. He wasn’t a friend for my short tenure in that apartment. He was someone who I wanted to always remain close with. And by God’s grace, my wife and I have been able to spend quality time with Dan a few times over the past year. And the most amazing moment was watching him on stage at the historic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. He played with grace, composure and perfection. He always did.

    A few things I learned from Dan: how to be eternally patient. How to serve with the heart of God. To enjoy the simple things in life (sometimes a little kimchee went a long way with Dan). And to engage with and care for others.

    I’m personally thankful that Dan’s music was so widespread and that millions of people will enjoy his talents for a long time. We have lost an amazing person. A person that God used for so many great things. You are missed, Dan. And the Cho family is eternally in our prayers.

    With so much love and condolences,
    Patrick Copeland

  17. I had the pleasure of meeting Dan in Minneapolis when Regina started her tour. He is an excellent musican and a great man. I can only guess he’s an even better father & husband. He will be missed by many and remembered for longer. God Bless.

  18. Jul and Audrey,

    Dan was a great guy. What has happened is truly tragic on a scale that one never imagines will touch one’s own life. Dan was a brilliant musician. Watching Dan perform at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood with Cooper. Everyone went over to talk to Dan after the show. The band was okay, but Dan was by far the star of the show. His musical skill was awesome. Last fall at the El Rey with Regina in LA. Awesome. But Dan was also a humble good all around guy, with a great sense of humor. I always enjoyed chatting with Dan. He was so easy to get along with. I’m sure that Audrey has his sense of humor, and maybe she’ll take up a musical instrument before too long. She’s already pretty impressive with mary had a little lamb on the keyboard. Your family and friends will always be there for you. Be sure to lean on them. We will all get through this the best we can. We will always remember Dan as a great Dad, and great guy.

  19. I had the pleasure of working with Dan at MediaVest, and I will greatly miss him. Dan is one of the only people I’ve met who always had a smile to share.

    I pray that you will always feel his love in your heart.


  20. R.I.P Dan!! Many readers will feel the void you have left behind. hamba kahle muchinda

  21. How rich a talent to be able to combine passions for football,music,family and writing and now so tragically lost to all.
    Dan obviously touched so many lives through his work and presence and will clearly be missed by many.
    Our thoughts must be with his family at this time but let us also take the time to celebrate a short life well lived and well shared.
    Thanks Dan for your contribution and rest in peace.

  22. I wish I knew Dan. I, too, saw him at the Barnes and Noble in Union Square, then Mahwah, then Radio City. At Radio City he was part of a full string quartet and the music that came from them was heartbreakingly gorgeous.

    Every time I have seen Regina play over the past year, in person. on regular tv, on computer tv, on You Tube, Dan has been there, with a face that said so much, and with a bow that made such moving sounds that I looked forward to many years of hearing his work, as well as Kaoru’s and Dave.

    To lose such talent after so few years is sad enough, and sadder still for those who knew and loved him. Julia: none of us will allow Audrey to be deprived of the knowledge that her father meant so much to people he never met. We will have his recordings to remind us of what he meant to us, of course, but you have lost so much more that our own feelings for Dan can only help a little bit.

    You are in our thoughts now and, I am sure, for a long time to come.

  23. So many fans have felt a connection to Dan thru just one musical performance. At MediaVest, we were fortunate to experience his talents every day. As an Ad Operations Manager, his role with us was more science than art – but like his musical performances, Dan always put the spotlight on everyone else, and tirelessly worked to support the team and hone his craft. Even after he left MediaVest to pursue his dream, he would stop by to check up on everyone – not to entertain us with stories of the tour, but to see how he could help. Our hearts go out to Julia, Audrey and his family – we are all so saddened by the loss of our co-worker and dear friend.

  24. Dearest Julia & Audrey, Ralph, Arleen & Matt,
    We can’t express how great our heart felt sorrow is over the loss of Dan. Julia, we watched you & your brother grow up under your Mom & Dad’s careful loving hands, You were the perfect companion/baby sitter for our son’s. Please know that we support all of you, God Bless Dan, God Bless Julia, Audrey, Ralph, Arleen & Matt.

    With Our Love,

    Sue, Allen, Alex, Nick, Clay

  25. Julia,

    I will always remember the way that Dan was always so selfless. When I got to Berklee in those days, he was across the hall from me. He was always ready to make me feel at home being a newcomer. And when we both moved to New York, we lived in the same apartment complex on Staten Island. There again, he was always there to make me feel welcome. Nothing but good memories, and let’s not get started on his corny jokes, of which he had a seemingly endless supply. I will miss him, but I know no one will miss him more than you. My prayer is that somehow, God sees you through this difficult time and comfort you and your daughter. As we are deeply saddened by his leaving, we are also celebrating the amazing person he was. I know that just thinking about the kind of good guy he was makes me want to be a better person. We are here for you, Julia.
    Niyi and Johmaalya Adelekan

  26. I have so many smiles when I think of Dan Cho, it’s hard to know what memories to leave out of this short note… What comes to mind first is the many early mornings when I was around Dan & Julia at the Manhattan Vineyard services (I was on the door and they were preparing to lead the singing). Dan’s playing, whether on keyboard or ‘cello, was always so excellent, his talent so expansive, it felt a privilege to have his amazing gift serve our small community. At around that time, Julia & Dan put out their ‘Non Fiction’ cd, of which I purchased a dozen and gave them away to close friends. I have played that cd over and over and over, and am so thrilled to have some of Dan’s music close to my heart.
    Beyond Dan’s music, he was such a treasure to have as a friend: always positive, with a cheerful disposition to share with you. It didn’t matter what he had going on, he always had a good word, or funny thought to pass along. He was always available to lend a hand, wanting to share with you what he had to give (time, expertise, wisdom, love, humor).
    It’s been wonderful to see him take on fatherhood; to witness the gently loving side of him blossom as he cared for their beautiful girl, Audrey. I loved seeing him take Audrey in his arms at her 1st birthday party, and talk with her, making faces all the while to keep her amused. She was the apple of his eye, and I hope in the years to come she will know how deeply he loved her.
    There will forever be a sadness that there weren’t more years to enjoy your sweet grace, Dan; I am trusting in our Lord, who in wisdom ‘gives and takes away’. Dan Cho, you will be missed.

  27. I had the pleasure of working with Dan for a couple of years at MediaVest. He was not only a signficant team asset in his work, but his kindness was pervasive. He had such a big heart, a huge smile and a passion for life and for his family. He was a very proud Dad. It is with a very heavy heart that we say goodbye to Dan – he will be greatly missed.

  28. Julia and Audrey,

    Your husband and father was a very special individual. As an artist, he was (and continues to be) a passionate and creative individual. His talent was a gift that he used as an honor to God, and he blest all who he touched. Audrey, with two talented parents, you also have a gift to pass on to others. In time, you will know the joy of being able to creat out of your very soul.

    I have had the privledge of shareing life with Julia and Dan, watching them grow as a couple, face the adversities of life together, and learning to love each other and the light of Gods joy. There is no way to understand the loss of Dan, but the ability to remember his love will fill some of the void. My heart and prayers go out to you Julia, and I know God’s strength will fill you in you weakness at this time. No matter what the pain of life brings, it is always well with our soul.

  29. Dear Julia and Audrey, I was very lucky to get to know Dan back in the days of CBS. Dan was a tremendous person and such a ray of light. So many people truely cared about Dan. He was sincere, genuine, talented and had a huge heart. It is not hard to see how much he loved both of you more than anything in this world. My heart and prayers go out to you both along with Dan’s family and friends. Dan will be missed greatly by every single person who ever crossed his path.

  30. For Dan’s beloved wife and daughter-
    You did not have to know Dan for long to know he was a sweet, music loving, happy guy. I met Dan through mutual musican friends at The Rockwood music hall one night, and in no time we were having a great conversation.

    We had a mutual love of David Mead’s music and, as I recall, there was talk of Nashville as well. I was booking Mead at the time and Dan asked me to let him know whenever he came into town so he wouldn’t miss a show, which I happily did.

    We saw each other every now and then at the Rockwood while supporting various indie artists like Wes Hutchinson and so many others who were his friends, his fellow musicians, people he admired and people who admired him both professionally and personally. He always had a smile on his face and he always had something truely lovely to say about his wife and his beautiful baby girl.

    In an instant you could tell he was a very special, loving person. Your sadness is shared by every person who ever met him.

    With deep sympathy,
    BJ Barratt

  31. Julia and Audrey,
    Our hearts feel broken at this very moment for the sudden and tragic loss of an amazing, kind and selfless-husband/father. I honestly can say that when I heard the news, I said out loud, “Dan was the nicest human being I have ever met”. Dan was so soft spoken, always curious to ask how my family/career life was going. He was genuine in his interest and that is what made spending time with Dan so easy. I especially can recall the days when Jules and Dan met ;and when our family had the great pleasure of meeting a potential family member. I was floored and so moved by how he doted on Jules, and was so gentle with her. It was so beautiful to watch. A match made in heaven. I also remember one family Easter he softly asked me if he could see my engagement ring. I will never forget how innocent and adorable this young man, in love was when he said, “wow, that’s really nice”. I am smiling at this moment, because it was just so sweet and innocent. HE WAS IN LOVE! At that moment I knew he was committed and probably about to pop the question. He did very shortly after that. The family was so very happy for Julia, a very sweet, and kind soul herself. The wedding was spectacular and elegant, and love lit up the room, more then you could ever imagine. When Audrey was born another wonderful excitement for our family. I recall Audreys first Christmas Eve spent at our house. Julia and Dan were so brave letting their bundle of joy, just shy of 12 weeks out in the bitter winter, but they happily came and we had a glorious evening. Little Audrey was getting a little fussy(as little babies sometimes do) and Jules and Dan wanted some family time and quiet for Audrey so they went upstairs to an empty room. I knocked on the door and handed Julia a cold beer and Dan a glass of red wine and said, “Merry Christmas”. They were all adorable, all three simply happy in a small room, together. Dan will be missed more then words can ever express. His memories and these stories in this book can hopefully keep some laughter and faith to heal. He ADORED JULIA and AUDREY…He was a gentleman. We love you Julia and Audrey and Dan will never ever be forgotten.
    Cousin Jenn Goodman

  32. I met Dan once, at Hyde Park. We were there watching Neil Young, and someone introduced us. That was an amazing night – we joked, we drank, we waited ages for a bus to take us somewhere to drink more. We joked about me being the reserve Asian musician for Regina, we jumoed up and down when Paul McCartney joined Neil Young onstage. He was a great guy. We swapped details, with plans to catch up when I was next in NY, or he was next in London. It never happened. I’m glad I got to meet him. He was a great guy, a beyond talented musician and a decent drinking partner.

  33. Dear Julia and Audrey,

    I am so sorry for your loss. You, your family, and Dan have been and will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

    I had the pleasure of working alongside Dan at MediaVest, and I can truly say he was possibly the kindest and most humble person I’ve ever met. He also had an amazing work ethic, and was a pleasure to be around. He will be truly missed.

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